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Author/Photo: Sonja Kovac

Magical city –Venezia. One of the most beautiful places in the world. There is some special bond between this city and me. I feel like I’m on the move set, I feel the energy.

This was my second stop on my Italy trip. It’s a third time in Venezia but every time is special for me. The architecture, the canals, the bridges, narrow streets. I just love it, love it!

The magical city deserved romantic white lace and pleated dress like this from Zaful. I ordered it online before my Italy trip, and back then I knew it's perfect for this magical place.Also, my current favorite suede lace up shoes and all time favorite bag in pale pink color to match with the shoes.

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Dreamy moments, dreamy dress. I hope you can feel a little bit magic from his photos :)


Author/Photo: Rita Maslova

"To walk on the Rethymnon I chose a light dress, undershirts with open shoulders from Zaful  - it perfectly fit into the streets of charm, an abundance of flowers, fruit markets and affectionate September sun!" 

I continue the story of our Greek tripping (Santorini) and today I will share impressions about the charming town of Rethymnon (Rethymno, Rethymno, Rethymno) on the island of Crete.

The coastal town of Rethymno is 70 km Heraklion - the capital of Crete. In Rethymnon surprisingly it combines ancient Venetian buildings with a modern rhythm of the city: in the port, on the first floor of the houses is located cozy bars and restaurants, from which you can observe the normal life of fishermen and residents. This place is popular with tourists and the indigenous inhabitants of this picturesque Cretan sporodochia.

The main attraction is considered to Rethymnon Venetian fortress Fortezza (Fortezza), built in  1573-1590 years to combat the pirates. I…

All About Makeup Brushes

Editor: Rosy Wong & Luna BlanC Photos: by all our lovely customers&bloggers
Any beauty lover will tell you, if there's one thing you cannot have too much of, it’s makeup brushes! I love to find brushes that can make our life easier!

Whether you're banking on becoming a contour pro, or really just want to get that highlight on the fleek, it's all about getting your hands on beauty's best tools and utilizing them correctly.

Here are some of the best sets to jump-start a well-rounded collection (Because surprise! We didn't wake up like this). 
Photo by @vlasovatanya
Rose Gold is one of the colors we can not resist, would it be nice if you can see this chic color every day when you make up?
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This brush set is adoring and the soft and pink brush will give you a nice mood daily.

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The right makeup brush can make all the difference when it comes to perfecting your technique. But for this set, is just not only about a pretty look:

Photo b…