What's Trending on ZAFUL?

  What's Trending on ZAFUL? 

Zaful trending

Hey, pretty girls out there, did you pick up one of our hot-selling trending cloth? Or, do you have items in your closet that match our trend? Come join us !

Join us now and become an in-trend stylist, and also a good chance to win $30 Gift-Cards

How to Win $$$
1. Snap a nice pic of your trending outfit (can be mixed brands)

2. Pick a trend below that matches your show (you can add multiple # in a same post)

3.Post and Win  (Share it and call your friends to like/comment your post to increase the chance of winning)

 Pick A Trend (create your show inside)
zaful embroidery

zaful floral print

zaful bikini

$$ Reward: $30 Zaful Shopping Gift-Card
Every month zaful will pick good quality posts from "trending #" above and announce in Z-Me homepage. selected posts will receive our $30 gift-card reward to their account.


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