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Jungle Romance - ZAFUL Summer LookBook

Jungle Romance
ZAFUL Summer Lookbook

Editor: Claire Wilson
Models: Nikolina Babić / Aroon Duncanson / Caitlin Conner / Alena Photographers:  Jordan Zobrist / Anastasija Kajba / Anastasia Levchenko / Logan Senechek
Hey, gorgeous ZAFUL girls.
Have you changed your closet to summer fashion yet?
Today we present you our newest lookbook for the summer vibe.
Hope you enjoy!

Printed Plunging Neck Flare Sleeve Chiffon Romper  (Tap HERE to shop the similar item)

Hollow Out Cami Backless Maxi Dress  (Tap HERE to shop the similar item)

Floral Plunging Neck Cut Out Dress  (Tap HERE to shop the item)

Halter Maxi Tiny Floral Beach Dress  (Tap HERE to shop the similar item)

5 Easy Steps - How To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Author: Shayne Naidas  Editor: Claire Wilson Photographer:  Shayne Naidas

5pcs Rhombus Makeup Brushes Set Rosegold
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I can't stop staring at these beautiful #aesthetic brushes from ZAFUL. 
They’re very photogenic, so it’s a good time to update my 
“how I deep clean my makeup brushes”
The first version I did years ago didn’t have a brush egg in it. 
And ever since I’ve started using this little pink egg shaped tool 
my brush cleaning process became more efficient and faster. 
If you haven’t tried a brush egg yet, go get one, it will help you a lot.  
I hope you find this useful. 

4 Pcs Silicone Brush Eggs
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7pcs Rhombus Makeup Brushes Set Rosegold
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Gather the materials you need; 
water, your makeup brushes, a clean towel, gentle shampoo, and a brush egg. 
I use Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo for my brushes. 

Take one brush at a time. 
Tilt the brush down and run under a warm water. 
This will avoid the water from getting inside the area 
where yo…

Fresh Summer - ZAFUL June LookBook

Fresh Summer LookBook 

Editor: Luna BlanC  Photographer:  Angelika Johns /Teddie Hart
It's officially SUMMER time! The temperature begins to rise and it's time for
sunshine, ocean and ice cream!
Are you ready for the summer vibe?
The early summer breeze brings us the inspirations
and we would love to show you our favorite early summer pieces.
Hope you enjoy!

Ruffles Tiny Floral Cross Back Dress  (Tap HERE to shop)

Smocked Tiny Floral Print Off The Shoulder Dress  (Tap HERE to shop)

Mini Low Back Floral Slip Dress (Tap HERE to shop) 

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Frilly Off The Shoulder Beach Romper (Tap HERE to shop)