5 Easy Steps - How To Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Author: Shayne Naidas 
Editor: Claire Wilson
Photographer:  Shayne Naidas

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I can't stop staring at these beautiful #aesthetic brushes from ZAFUL. 
They’re very photogenic, so it’s a good time to update my 
“how I deep clean my makeup brushes”
The first version I did years ago didn’t have a brush egg in it. 
And ever since I’ve started using this little pink egg shaped tool 
my brush cleaning process became more efficient and faster. 
If you haven’t tried a brush egg yet, go get one, it will help you a lot.  
I hope you find this useful. 

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Gather the materials you need; 
water, your makeup brushes, a clean towel, gentle shampoo, and a brush egg. 
I use Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo for my brushes. 

Take one brush at a time. 
Tilt the brush down and run under a warm water. 
This will avoid the water from getting inside the area 
where your brush is connected to its handle.

Place a little amount of shampoo on your brush egg 
and gently rub your brush into it in a circular motion. 
Rinse your brush and gently squeeze excess water from it. 

Wipe the brush on a clean towel and lay it on top of the towel after. 
Wait until it dries. 
It takes approximately two to three hours for my brushes to dry up 
but I leave them there over night just to make sure.

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